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  Martin Grenfell 3e44d4ea5c Merge pull request #191 from ZeusTheTrueGod/master 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell d62180d0ff Merge pull request #150 from cperl82/issue-144 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell bf79e223ae Merge pull request #196 from mark-rushakoff/master 11 years ago
  Mark Rushakoff 92a31a6fb2 Fix typo in copy action 11 years ago
  ZeusTheTrueGod 6b687977d9 Better handling file renaming and deleting 11 years ago
  ZeusTheTrueGod 0a16b24268 Better flow for renaming and deleting files 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell a1433c485e update the doc for NERDTreeCasadeOpenSingleChildDir 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell b64f4428c1 default NERDTreeCasadeOpenSingleChildDir to 1 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell e7b663fe94 Merge pull request #180 from pendulm/master 11 years ago
  pendulm 29e687978b add option NERDTreeCasadeOpenSingleChildDir and function 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell dbeb1947ea Merge pull request #172 from stephenprater/master 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell cdb31d423c Merge pull request #178 from franksort/master 11 years ago
  Frank S 87208d210b Fixed typo. changing s:clearBoomarks to s:clearBookmarks. 11 years ago
  A.G. Russell Knives 121607b351 ignore wildignore setting 11 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 2cb0fc78fb add autocmds for fugitive integration 12 years ago
  Chris Perl 94b2db2de6 Replace virtcol() with len() in handleLeftClick(). 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 678bb28168 add NERDTreeFocus command - calls the NERDTreeFocus() function 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell aa1e7d642f fix previewing of directory nodes 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 7e7e761d7f Merge pull request #122 from cperl82/fixes 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 0b3b8f7833 add NERDTreeFocus function 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell c8b54dc91a Merge pull request #137 from AndrewRadev/double-edit-fix 12 years ago
  Andrew Radev 71465f79b1 Don't output a message on opening a file node 12 years ago
  Andrew Radev ff0816979c Remove second "edit" from Opener 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 2a0578227e Merge pull request #127 from cperl82/keymap-leader-fix2 12 years ago
  Chris Perl 30cc73d6ed Make handling of '<>' notation more robust. 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 7fbb77c067 fix the ctrl-j/ctrl-k mappings 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 185e087c40 Merge pull request #126 from cperl82/keymap-leader-fix 12 years ago
  Chris Perl f29d6a4f0f Escape mappings that use '<>' notation. 12 years ago
  Chris Perl 597cccce0f Add calls to NERDTreeAddKeyMap for previewing Bookmarks 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell eced5f98a0 Merge pull request #110 from cperl82/fixes 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 20f7ab8ade map <cr> to the default o mapping (again) 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell e5682d3948 dont close the tree window when using the 'preview' maps 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell b843635a50 fix NERDTreeQuitOnOpen option 12 years ago
  Chris Perl ba74b99fd7 Add s:Path.Resolve function to address trailing slash issues. 12 years ago
  Chris Perl 6d0183ea78 Revert "Fixed resolve() double endslash defect" 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell dfc0aea1e7 Merge pull request #115 from Twinside/patch-1 12 years ago
  Twinside 5c01c5acd8 Deactivating folds in NERDtree buffer 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 6d83575490 remove a now misleading comment 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell e51a40c0d8 make the mouse work as expected with NERDTreeMouseMode 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 53bc77644c refactor KeyMap so we dont use index() on an array of objects 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 6782ec0104 make the default keymap generation happen only once 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 588e71c1e9 unlet TreeDirNode.openInNewTab since we are overriding it 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 6b7c9aa5c8 update the method comment for TreeDirNode.open 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 5e53df769d fix a bug with the T (open in new tab silently) mapping 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 3b325f6812 rename 'split' to 'where' in the open() interface 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 4f1a205c83 add Opener class to handle opening nodes/bookmarks 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 3620029ae0 make Bookmark use the new open() interface 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell 217d9f6651 Merge pull request #78 from actionshrimp/master 12 years ago
  Dave Aitken ba3d43138a Added comment to clarify which part of the path is the 'drive' for windows network shares 12 years ago
  Martin Grenfell e027681803 wrap a couple of wincmd calls in s:exec 12 years ago