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Better flow for renaming and deleting files

Previously when you delete or moved a file via
md or mm commands the NERDTree was asking you about what to do
with the remaining buffer of the just deleted or moved file. I
always press 'y' in this cases so I've decided to add a new parameter,
NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer which you can set to 1 in order to skip
this confirmation.
ZeusTheTrueGod 8 years ago
2 changed files with 24 additions and 2 deletions
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doc/NERD_tree.txt View File

@ -658,6 +658,10 @@ NERD tree. These options should be set in your vimrc.
Casade open while selected directory has only
one child that also is a directory.
|'NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer'| Tells the NERD tree to automatically remove
a buffer when a file is being deleted or renamed
via a context menu command.
3.2. Customisation details *NERDTreeOptionDetails*
@ -982,6 +986,20 @@ for Java projects. Use one of the follow lines to set this option: >
let NERDTreeCasadeOpenSingleChildDir=1
Values: 0 or 1
Default: 0.
When using a context menu to delete or rename a file you may also want to delete
the buffer which is no more valid. If the option is not set you will see a
confirmation if you really want to delete an old buffer. If you always press 'y'
then it worths to set this option to 1. Use one of the follow lines to set this
option: >
let NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer=0
let NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer=1
4. The NERD tree API *NERDTreeAPI*

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nerdtree_plugin/fs_menu.vim View File

@ -15,6 +15,11 @@ if exists("g:loaded_nerdtree_fs_menu")
let g:loaded_nerdtree_fs_menu = 1
"Automatically delete the buffer after deleting or renaming a file
if !exists("g:NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer")
let g:NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer = 0
call NERDTreeAddMenuItem({'text': '(a)dd a childnode', 'shortcut': 'a', 'callback': 'NERDTreeAddNode'})
call NERDTreeAddMenuItem({'text': '(m)ove the current node', 'shortcut': 'm', 'callback': 'NERDTreeMoveNode'})
call NERDTreeAddMenuItem({'text': '(d)elete the current node', 'shortcut': 'd', 'callback': 'NERDTreeDeleteNode'})
@ -52,11 +57,10 @@ endfunction
" del the buffer
function! s:promptToDelBuffer(bufnum, msg)
echo a:msg
if nr2char(getchar()) ==# 'y'
if g:NERDTreeAutoDeleteBuffer || nr2char(getchar()) ==# 'y'
exec "silent bdelete! " . a:bufnum
"FUNCTION: NERDTreeAddNode(){{{1
function! NERDTreeAddNode()
let curDirNode = g:NERDTreeDirNode.GetSelected()