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  gmarik 37e82d1e18 Merge pull request #118 from cblunt/patch-1 7 years ago
  Chris Blunt 928b3bf2dc Updated readme to use "tpope/vim-rails.git" repository. 7 years ago
  gmarik 73daf4eb9f replace exec with system() 7 years ago
  gmarik efa26be8f1 nowrap in test/vimrc 7 years ago
  gmarik b00c853e2f test: use ! in path 7 years ago
  gmarik 8640f8c098 TEST: rename install dir 7 years ago
  gmarik 4afb0ca805 TEST: `:BundleInstall` on VimEnter 7 years ago
  gmarik c97bfafdd4 %T formatter breaks MS Win use portable instead 7 years ago
  gmarik 43080a1e5c ignore wildignore with expand/glob 7 years ago
  gmarik baa3e989e0 do not BundleInstall in test/vimrc 7 years ago
  gmarik 88b8120afa Merge branch 'devel' of https://github.com/rson/vundle 7 years ago
  Randy Morris 5adaa6b3c4 give BundleClean prompt a default value of 'y' 7 years ago
  Randy Morris b0d3b6f8f6 whitespace changes in the BundleClean input prompt 7 years ago
  Randy Morris 99c112fe4f add whitespace to search map 7 years ago
  gmarik 8122fb1a96 fix appending to nomodifiable buffer 7 years ago
  gmarik bf25e018bc make function reloadable 7 years ago
  gmarik 8b5be8dd60 remove ugly button 7 years ago
  gmarik c52de216a4 Merge pull request #95 from mutewinter/patch-1 7 years ago
  Jeremy Mack 958faf39ab Added my Vim config link (which makes heavy use of Vundle) 7 years ago
  gmarik ba5b685f0a format text 7 years ago
  gmarik 3f20905a22 more text! 7 years ago
  gmarik 9db06f4907 fix spelling 7 years ago
  gmarik c5d66a73c6 add donate Button 7 years ago
  gmarik a9cf035d4a Merge pull request #93 from bostonaholic/master 7 years ago
  Matthew Boston eb61670e4d update vundle.vim to version 0.9 7 years ago
  gmarik 304e63642b avoid flicker when operating 8 years ago
  gmarik cae6df72cf add minimal possible config 8 years ago
  gmarik a38662a6ff update README image 8 years ago
  gmarik e35916b1d6 docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 152a0d4332 fix spelling 8 years ago
  gmarik 70cc27d17c docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 4126c558a7 docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 289332e2ae fix docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 793ee8a91e docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 41f125b413 docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 49c5f890a2 docs 8 years ago
  gmarik 0324149a0e change keybindings 8 years ago
  gmarik 8f13a839dd source manually installed bundles as well 8 years ago
  gmarik 80e6e3c91a escape path 8 years ago
  gmarik 5ae2d446f5 Merge branch 'nin' of http://github.com/gmarik/vundle into nin 8 years ago
  gmarik 7ed52b63c5 Rewording and TODO 8 years ago
  gmarik c781665e6a Use BundleSearch instead Bundles 8 years ago
  gmarik 78002863b4 more docs 8 years ago
  gmarik afd9edb6ac document :BundleList 8 years ago
  gmarik b571067525 use capital D to map delete cmd 8 years ago
  gmarik 17b4a11588 Fix spelling 8 years ago
  gmarik 2506ac3c67 rename storage file 8 years ago
  gmarik 22b86e2979 g:bundle_dir/.vundle is a storage dir now 8 years ago
  gmarik 3f4ed10b55 log file is a tempfile 8 years ago
  gmarik 06480ede43 delete buffer if it loaded 8 years ago