A book about the command line for humans.
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# $1 is the first parameter to our script
# Complain and exit if we weren't given a path:
if [ ! $POEM ]; then
echo 'usage: markpoem <path>'
# Confusingly, an exit status of 0 means to the shell that everything went
# fine, while any other number means that something went wrong.
exit 64
if [ ! -e $POEM ]; then
echo "$POEM not found"
exit 66
echo "marking $POEM an ok poem"
# If the target is a plain file instead of a directory, make it into
# a directory and move the content into $POEM/index:
if [ -f $POEM ]; then
echo "making $POEM into a directory, moving content to"
echo " $POEM/index"
TEMPFILE="/tmp/$POEM_BASENAME.$(date +%s.%N)"
mkdir $POEM
mv $TEMPFILE $POEM/index
if [ -d $POEM ]; then
# touch(1) will either create the file or update its timestamp:
touch $POEM/meta-ok-poem
echo "something broke - why isn't $POEM a directory?"
file $POEM
# Signal that all is copacetic:
echo kthxbai
exit 0