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Limor "Ladyada" Fried a76596aa98
Merge pull request #63 from adafruit/st7789
3 weeks ago
overlays yay 2 months ago
st7789_module yay 2 months ago i2s tested 3 years ago Update 1 month ago Add Joy Bonnet installer 2 years ago Add executable permissions to all scripts 1 year ago Added Buster to Raspbian experimental list 4 months ago Add --upgrade to evdev install line (for older RetroPie) 2 years ago doesn't assume Python 3.5 anymore 4 months ago
occi occi: chmod +x systemwide install; create example occidentalis.txt 1 year ago Update to use python-pil, don't --force-yes 4 months ago Bring camera installer up to date 1 year ago pitft-fbcp: fix rotation settings for Cupcade 1 year ago Merge pull request #22 from kohlerdominik/master 1 year ago Fix retrogame list-length select 1 year ago Updated hzeller library to latest revision 4 months ago adafruit-pitft: add python-dev to apt-get install list (needed for pip) 1 year ago Add executable permissions to all scripts 1 year ago


Some scripts for helping install Adafruit HATs, bonnets, add-on’s, & friends!

Based heavily on scripts!