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Merge pull request #120 from makermelissa/master
4 months ago
i2s_mic_module add i2s mic setup 10 months ago
overlays put backlight on pin 12 6 months ago
st7789_module add staging fbtft driver version 6 months ago
.gitignore Made some requested changes 6 months ago i2s tested 4 years ago Setting reboot prompt to Yes as default 4 months ago Fix typos in rotation selection 6 months ago Updated both python scripts to use new Shell library 6 months ago simple fan service for gpio controlled fan 6 months ago Add Joy Bonnet installer 3 years ago some initial scripts! 4 years ago Added Buster to Raspbian experimental list 1 year ago Changed positional to keyword argument 5 months ago remove dkms 7 months ago Add --upgrade to evdev install line (for older RetroPie) 3 years ago Added legacy option for systems with older linux headers 6 months ago
occi occi: chmod +x systemwide install; create example occidentalis.txt 2 years ago specify pi3d version 11 months ago Bring camera installer up to date 2 years ago pitft-fbcp: fix rotation settings for Cupcade 2 years ago Removed click since it's not currently used 4 months ago Keep cron & install ntp 2 years ago Fix retrogame list-length select 2 years ago Spectro installer, plus other minor fixes 1 year ago some initial scripts! 4 years ago remove deprecated --force-yes args to apt-get 6 months ago


Some scripts for helping install Adafruit HATs, bonnets, add-on's, & friends!

Based heavily on scripts!