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* Functionally tests pipelinelib by retrieving the patchset referenced by
* `scm` and importing the library into the current context before making some
* basic assertions about its methods behaviors. Note that the Jenkins job
* that runs this Jenkinsfile must already define `scm` with the correct Zuul
* parameters.
def plib = library(identifier: 'pipelinelib@FETCH_HEAD', retriever: legacySCM(scm)).org.wikimedia.integration
def prunner =
def imageID
node('blubber') {
def blubberoidURL = ""
stage('Checkout SCM') {
def patchset = plib.PatchSet.fromZuul(params)
stage('Generate Dockerfile') {
def blubber =, '.pipeline/blubber.yaml', blubberoidURL)
def dockerfile = blubber.generateDockerfile("test")
echo 'Checking that Dockerfile was correctly generated'
assert dockerfile.contains('LABEL blubber.variant="test"')
stage('Build test image') {
imageID ='test')
echo 'Successfully built image "${imageID}" from "test" variant'
stage('Remove test image') {
echo 'Removed test image "${imageID}"'