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  Brennen Bearnes 6ecb979e8a print some arguments 1 year ago
  jenkins-bot c32a68e1ce Merge "pipeline: Test more of the stage steps implementation" 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall ed9a1ab248 pipeline: Test more of the stage steps implementation 1 year ago
  jenkins-bot 329634a93b Merge "Fixed `Utility.timestampLabel` format" 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 60e088d33f Fixed `Utility.timestampLabel` format 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall cbada3e65f pipeline: Work around Groovy CPS replaceAll limitations 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 8a5fa9d79f pipeline: Work around Groovy CPS choking on inner class type 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall d1c7384085 pipeline: Fix teardown check and build result 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 4f415ceb60 pipeline: Fix default configuration for deploy.test 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 189a2b0a49 pipeline: Include image tags in Gerrit comment 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall a6c8b8e266 pipeline: Fix image var reference in teardown 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall a0019d8680 pipeline: Fix config.exports iteration 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 3255d9e8ab pipeline: Fix references to config.exports in exports step 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 36493480fb pipeline: Fix reference to publish.image.id 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall cfeafd7b92 pipeline: Fix publish config property references 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 05404b281a pipeline: Fix bad references to publish config 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 19a9f010f5 pipeline: Fix node labels for publish configuration 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall fa29dfd9e8 pipeline: Support Zuul based SCM for configure stage 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 012780b319 pipeline: Execute "configure" stage on "blubber" nodes 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 4170378bc5 pipeline: Use registry discovery name when registering images 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 35f71fa029 pipeline: Allow for execution of a single pipeline 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 07f2d3b6eb pipeline: Fix invalid SETUP/TEARDOWN const references 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 00ed534468 pipeline: Provide a rickety but useful system test 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall d5fedb1206 pipeline: Builder and stage implementation 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 858c26317b pipeline: Directed graph execution model 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall fa66a1e03a doc: Generate documentation with groovydoc 1 year ago
  Tyler Cipriani 43b64f2c0b Improve Deployment Pipeline/Gerrit feedback 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall ebcb93b0ac Use blubberoid.wikimedia.org to process blubber.yaml 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall b85e8cf831 Provide a Jenkinsfile that runs basic functional tests 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 2db43bd6c4 Provide `PipelineRunner.removeImage` for removing images by ID 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall e954fbacd7 Support setting of `KUBECONFIG` and include `--tiller-namespace` 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall 79b02d167b Remove containers after run 1 year ago
  Dan Duvall ef7d1e346e ci: Load dependencies as a separate gradle task 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall a8c0d65d33 Import missing static `Utility` methods 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall 2a34242e4b Use `fileExists` Jenkins Pipeline step over `java.io` 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall b2e5fe3512 Use a map argument for build labels 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall c79a687060 Convert config path string before checking existence 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall de98e5e79a Establish a new class for patch set related things 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall 12b57bb0a2 Provide all functions of the current service pipeline 2 years ago
  Dan Duvall 484d707ae6 Provide Groovy library for invoking Blubber/Docker 2 years ago
  Thcipriani dd3361e892 Initial empty repository 2 years ago