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  jfh 0d411f761c Updated builds. 8 years ago
  jfh d7c8625c90 Fixed syntax error. 8 years ago
  jfh b42020fa03 Updated jQuery to 1.6.4 and fixed syntax error. 8 years ago
  jfh 13adcdaae2 Cosmetic changes. 8 years ago
  Jean-François Hovinne f0a2f4aba4 Merge pull request #5 from alanhogan/master 8 years ago
  Jean-François Hovinne 63b7f34283 Merge pull request #4 from killmenot/master 8 years ago
  Nathan Campos 7c604353c7 Formatted the README 9 years ago
  Nathan Campos 05999acd94 Formatted README 9 years ago
  Alan Hogan 72fd9b7ff3 Allow complete freedom to specify error handler using standard jQuery.ajax option (including an array of functions if desired); allow specification of global = false to stop global error handlers from firing 9 years ago
  Alexey Kucherenko 849e118c04 added return statement to getFeed 9 years ago
  jfh 1e5d740cbf Updated builds. 9 years ago
  jfh 1e8fbb2e91 Updated Makefile to comply with naming and svn to git migration. 9 years ago
  jfh 090299f851 Added cache option. 9 years ago
  jblemee 352a39aa37 Fix IE compatibility with application/atom+xml content type 9 years ago
  Jean-François Hovinne cb0beb0626 Added files from 1.0 9 years ago
  Jean-François Hovinne 5074557790 first commit 9 years ago