A script to generate Atom feeds for git commit logs.
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=head1 NAME

git-feed - generate an Atom feed of git commits in the current repository


git-feed [ B<--project_url=...> ]


I keep a lot of projects in git, and I like to provide feeds for things I'm
working on. This script wraps git and XML::Atom::SimpleFeed to generate a
basic Atom feed of commits. It tries to use information already available in
the environment, but needs to be given a URL for your project (and probably for
the feed itself).

It can be configured for a given repository by doing something like the

git config feed.projecturl https://p1k3.com/userland-book/
git config feed.url https://p1k3.com/userland-book/feed.xml
echo 'userland: a book about the command line for human beings' > .git/description

I have I<no idea> whether this sort of thing is considered an acceptable use of
git configuration, but it seems to work.

...or you can supply various options on the command line.



Set a URL for the project.




Set an explicit URL for the feed itself.




Set an explicit title for the feed. Will otherwise be read from
.git/description, if available.




Explicitly request I<n> entries. Defaults to 10.




Explicitly set an author string. Defaults to git config's current idea of



git feed --project_url=https://p1k3.com/userland-book/ > feed.xml


I'll wrap this in a module and add a build script. For now, install
XML::Atom::SimpleFeed first. I would probably do that either with:

cpanp -i XML::Atom::SimpleFeed


apt-get install libxml-atom-simplefeed-perl

...depending on which one gave me less static on a given system. I don't
really know what I'm doing in the Perl ecosystem any more, though.

=head1 AUTHOR

Brennen Bearnes <bbearnes@gmail.com>

=head1 LICENSE

This utility is free software, licensed under the terms of the GPL, v2.
See COPYING for a complete copy of the license.