Some Perl to generate Debian-style changelogs from git logs with tags for versions.
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Generate a Debian-style changelog from git, where tags are expected to represent versions, with a bullet point for each commit subject since the previous version.

There's a decent chance I've messed something up here. I might fix it if I wind up actually using this, otherwise I'd advise checking my work before using this script for anything too important.

See the POD in git-changelog for more info.



There's also a Python tool called git-changelog, although I don't think it does Debian-style changelogs out of the box.

You may also be looking for git-dch from git-buildpackage:

At the moment, I don't know how to use either of those things, so good luck.


This shells out to git, so you'll need a working Git installation.

You'll need a working, relatively recent Perl. I don't think it has any Perl dependencies outside of the standard library.

Otherwise, copy git-changelog to somewhere in your path.

I'll package this up for CPAN at some point. Probably.


For a checkout of this produces output like:

$ git-changelog --project wrt --distribution somedistro | head -30
wrt (v7.1.0) somedistro; urgency=high

   * handle sites with an index file in the root

 -- Brennen Bearnes <>  Sat, 18 Apr 2020 23:17:44 -0600

wrt (v7.0.0) somedistro; urgency=high

   * cache rendered html; extract titles; all as utf-8
   * move elapsed rendering time into bin/wrt-render-all
   * Util: croak on utf-8 warnings
   * add a full tagging system to wrt
   * pull entry sorting into App::WRT::Sort & generalize
   * sort tagged entries with alpha first then reverse chronological
   * stub out a wrt-repl for debugging
   * $entrypath_expr to $EntryStore::RENDERABLE_EXPR & add methods
   * App::WRT: minor code formatting tweaks for line length, etc.
   * handle(): use POSIX character classes instead of a-z
   * wrt-repl: more useful startup, add Data::Dumper
   * wrt-repl: slightly better comments / POD
   * wrt-feed: disentangles feed printing from WRT::display()
   * stub a test for bin/wrt-feed
   * add JSON Feed support; make Atom feed use caches; decode utf-8 output
   * json feeds: add home_page_url and (optionally) favicon
   * add rfc_3339_date() and use it for json feed output
   * add feed links to wrt-init template and examples
   * bin/wrt-feed: add --json option; handle @local_argv correctly
   * update changelog & do some pre-release tidying

 -- Brennen Bearnes <>  Sat, 4 Apr 2020 23:44:04 -0600

...which looks mostly right, but I might be getting a little punchy.


Knock yourself out.

To the extent possible under law, Brennen Bearnes has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to git-changelog.