Dotfiles, utilities, and other apparatus.
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This is a place to collect some useful cheatsheets, with the view that I may
eventually streamline accessing them in some way.

git-commit.txt is a terse and evolving version of some of the things found in
Vicky Lai's .gitmessage[0] and Tyler Cipriani's larger .git-commit-zomg[0].
It's pointed at by my ~/.gitconfig's commit.template value. I found the longer
version of these templates useful, but after a while realized that I was
routinely scrolling to the bottom of the commit to see the list of staged
files, and really only need a few of the prompts as general reminders most of
the time.

git-meta.txt includes a bunch of optional fields for commit messages, and is
pointed at by git-commit.txt so I can quickly access it with ctrl-w f in vim
while writing a commit.