Dotfiles, utilities, and other apparatus.
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Brennen Bearnes 988cfffc02 fragments/md-date-subst 3 weeks ago
.config move redshift.conf into ~/.config 3 years ago
.vim vim: fzf tag finder comment 1 month ago
.xmonad xmonad: commented out kitty terminal 1 year ago
alacritty alacritty configuration 4 years ago
bin notes-tag-index: a TODO 1 month ago
cheatsheets cheatsheets & git: commit template material 4 years ago
fragments fragments/md-date-subst 3 weeks ago
.Xresources uxterm / .Xresources: use TERM=xterm-256color 5 years ago
.bashrc bash: HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth 2 years ago
.gitconfig git: try zdiff3 for merge conflicts 1 month ago
.gvimrc gvim: colorscheme hornet 4 years ago
.hacksrc_hi_dpi move stuff for ~ into home/ 7 years ago
.hacksrc_lo_dpi .hacksrc_lo_dpi 5 years ago
.lynxrc a .lynxrc & an editor wrapper for modifying p1k3 entries 6 years ago
.screenrc move stuff for ~ into home/ 7 years ago
.sh_common .sh_common: h: add an fzf preview pane for directories 1 year ago
.tmux.conf tmux: enable mouse 1 month ago
.xinitrc apache2 -> etc/apache2; remove some .xinitrc comments 5 years ago
.xmobarrc xmobar date: add seconds 1 year ago
.xmodmap keyboard: add compose key, capslock -> ctrl at system level 7 years ago
.xsessionrc add an .xsessionrc that dots in .sh_common 5 years ago
.xsettingsd remove some font scaling stuff from .xsettingsd 5 years ago
.zshrc zsh: bump HISTSIZE to 90000 1 month ago