602 Commits (master)

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  Brennen Bearnes 15f1d96c6e Merge branch 'master' of code.p1k3.com:brennen/bpb-kit 3 days ago
  Brennen Bearnes f63cec4e4f alacritty configuration 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 96e54eb6a7 bin/fragment-weather 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 30968c7387 zsh: stop resetting prompt, set window title 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes bedf19bced xmonad.start: some shellcheck cleanup 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes f23a31abf2 vim: swapfile notes, inkpot colorscheme 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 7e08387456 vimwiki: automatic nested syntax 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 292c6b11e7 fragments/stdclass.php: stdClass isn't a universal base 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9d6201172c .sh_common & todaydir: P1K3_ROOT, go & cargo roots, exa for ls 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 541381b111 xmonad: alacritty instead of gnome-terminal for default 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes b5d7ec2664 gvim: colorscheme hornet 1 week ago
  Brennen Bearnes 43f7aa0e84 /etc/hosts 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes a65c836a65 xmonad: add mod-n for note window popup 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4e14cd0728 add ~/bin/c-to-f: celsius to fahrenheit 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes fa8555aa0f vim: highlight debugging, voom, vimwiki syntax 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes e0446a7f08 add ~/bin/arc link to arcanist 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes d6e0480ab0 vim: silence go version warning, add auto_diary_index 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3e4eecd669 add ~/bin/xterm-lynx 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 69ac058419 add stuff from /etc/lynx 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes f4f9f53893 fragments/git-amend-date: demonstrate epoch brokenness 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9fa0de7d4b bin/jump-to-window: use rofi instead of dmenu_unique 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes cbc5198392 zsh: $PWD instead of subshell with pwd for dir history 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes ffbc877b2d xmonad: Print Screen to take a screenshot using ~/bin/grab 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes eb6f877120 xmonad: use ~/bin/phoonlock instead of i3 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes d1d23083b5 bin/gif-sel: use ~/workspace/screenshots 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8b36fe0c4a bin/fragment-bullet: remove some problematic multibyte chars 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes b5d8a8a62e vim: commented inkpot colorscheme in list 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4ebe36c8af vim: some commentary 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 816847a5ee vim: ,F for fragment menu 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4a825d0a8c vim: new-style vundle invocation with begin()/end() 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes c4e8459b19 gvim: use inkpot 1 month ago
  Brennen Bearnes 670023a894 tmux: vi-style copy/paste 3 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes a2325fdf47 .zshrc: some prompt variations 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8bc7548d83 fragments/colors.sh: some color codes in zsh 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3831d0516d bin/timeslice: fewer errors if not in worktree 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 538f0148ba bin/phoonlock: phase of the moon as lock screen 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 173214df4d bin/dedup-dir-history 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes e6c9b1e695 .sh_common: use /opt/go for golang 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes b1a3046880 zsh: some prompt tweaks borrowed from lobsters 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes d4f652459a bin/web-cwd: expose httpd to public interface 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 54b68a9776 vim: revert nerdtree mouse mode: doubleclick for everything 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9f6fd7249a vim: F8 now gets a simpler datestamp, ,F8 for more precision 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4b877fc6b3 vim: nomodeline, langserver stuff, editorconfig, undotree 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 83ed5c0d9a .vimrc & bin/: add fzf-based fragment menu 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 70f8b90572 bin/xmonad.start: switch to bash, add .sh_common sourcing for paths 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 30492611cd bin/{edit-clipboard-gvim -> gvim-edit-clipboard} 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8eef89f31d fragment for reading stdin in a shell function 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes a89e5ef2c4 bin/cheat: add dir nav keys, weather 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes ed4a97ac3e install.sh: remove duplicate git setup 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 125860d86a .zshrc: fiddle more with BPB_HUD; syntax section 5 months ago