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  Tyler Cipriani bb85ebc796 blubber.yaml: Bump pipeline version 4 years ago
  jenkins-bot 303e0ca9f3 Merge "Make test: add coverage output" 4 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani dc7c554469 Make test: add coverage output 4 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani a4b12761b8 Unit tests: PosOf InsertElement 4 years ago
  Michael Holloway dc59119bf0 Add usage test for use-system-flag 4 years ago
  Michael Holloway c2e10acd23 Python: Add support for use-system-flag directive 4 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani d2ff2621c4 Bump config version to v4 4 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 15715357cf Update go-playground validator 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 9959bec8cb pipeline: Include .pipeline/config.yaml 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall ec0af37c1e Include a basic go.mod that declares the package name 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 4bb279c3d6 Pipeline: use wmf base image 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 764c402034 Comment about copies config expansion inefficiency 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall fd20d346dd Unify `copies` and `artifacts` configuration 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 20e9b739e5 Bump version number 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 867a9943d9 Tweaked logo to play nice with preview renderer on commons 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 013ab435a3 Provide a new Blubber logo 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 3793eeba5d Add helm chart to repo 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 4df63a83c9 Provide OpenAPI spec for Blubberoid 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 3da9f201ca Support "application/json" in Blubberoid 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 56e830f641 Use JSON as canonical config format 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 6597c943b6 Combine blubberoid.yaml and .pipeline/blubber.yaml 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 236d8df84f Fix entrypoint merge behavior 5 years ago
  Lars Wirzenius 256a9d0934 Add: a Blubber file for a Blubberoid service Docker image 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall fe819ae6a6 Provide separate Makefile rules for building blubber/blubberoid 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 882f0fcc87 Install `golint` from "golang.org/x/lint/golint" 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall af9e797908 Remove support for `sharedvolume` configuration 5 years ago
  jenkins-bot df5e386938 Merge "Test basic functionality of blubberoid" 5 years ago
  jenkins-bot 73d4c8eb72 Merge "Remove some types that will be inferred" 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 49c7648301 Test basic functionality of blubberoid 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall e6bb138bd2 Install `node_modules` to application directory 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall e8f5e294e8 Update `.pipeline/blubber.yaml` to v3 format 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani eba4cf6390 Remove some types that will be inferred 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani fa5d440f4f Fix make release 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 9bfa2dd194 Provide a stateless blubberoid microservice 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall b6c9e31fc5 Bump Blubber config version to v3 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 374976d445 Refactor builder to support file requirements and run pre-install 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall e7ce38ca63 Test Blubber in CI using Blubber 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall d8d2773083 Makefile lint rule now tests gofmt output and runs go vet correctly 5 years ago
  Thcipriani 7b1c01c18b Merge "Provide Makefile rules for running linters and tests" 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 44dc7d9131 Provide Makefile rules for running linters and tests 5 years ago
  Antoine Musso 1fe58ac948 Add .gitreview file 5 years ago
  Dan Duvall 80936122c7 Change import paths from Phabricator to Gerrit 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani aba163aa5a Add slash to directory path if copying > 1 file 5 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani 2b87c9a345 tool -> too 6 years ago
  Dan Duvall 8cca9a70bd Release v0.4.0 6 years ago
  Dan Duvall fee2d8f552 Attempt to resolve symlinked CURDIR in Makefile 6 years ago
  Tyler Cipriani b0e3e7d8a5 Cross-compile using gox 6 years ago
  Dan Duvall 798f963810 Bump config version to v2 6 years ago
  Gilles Dubuc ddf8bee001 Add now mandatory version config field to README 6 years ago
  Dan Duvall fdcd9be3c9 Refactor config for node app dependencies 6 years ago