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  Limor "Ladyada" Fried eabc5490cb
Merge pull request #8 from cefn/master 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 61d1577ef6 Cruft removal 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 8175ad632e No longer used. Stability issues from mounted filesystems make auto-sync impossible. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile a75b48ca9e Added I2C example and further compatibility modules listed 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile ef1cd7a840 Copy Paste error, pasted before import. Noted BNO055 not tested. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 9f00d2eb40 Moved to adafruit_blinka.agnostic 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 7fc1f8ab47 Headings added. More detail on repo structure and mpy-cross 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 1ecde5c041 Upload new-structure agnostic and the time package too 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 04ae17d37e Handle also CircuitPython error from missing pull capability. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile a8ed516cc3 Agnostic now a package. Interactive testing now relies on monotonic. time now under agnostic package. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 38566e3a72 Simplified testing packages 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile e86b7edcdb Brought summary up to date 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 48f5f33826 Minimise variables per module, given memory ceiling 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile b4be9b426d Implementation of hardware I2C. Added timeout and receiver_buffer_size handling. Switched to use of pin references rather than pin ids. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 5d0b207bdb Raise erro rwhen attempting software I2C on platform without. Minimise imports on load (import within function definitions). Remove spurious positional and keyword arg containers. Eliminate locally-scoped temporary variables. Switched to use of pin references rather than IDs in microcontroller port lists 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 70057aea2a Separated into uart, i2c tests 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 6f289bcf89 Renamed anticipating deprecation in favour of filesystem copy routine - watch-triggered sync too unreliable. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 4bbe5af631 Added agnostic as shared dependency between micropython and circuitpython test configuration 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile ddf8185ca2 Added adafruit_register to test library dependencies 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 546aa0533b Definition of I2C bus-type per-board. Segregated busio tests into i2c vs uart 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile ba4b66024f Sync procedure for pyboard testing. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 6eb178d1ac Moved ports declarations into microcontroller.pin package, and used pin references in port definitions. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile b76e7eb3ac Added monkeypatch for time.struct_time dependency of adafruit_gps. 10 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 818f2951a4 No pip-managed libraries 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 5da8051ef5 YAPF PEP8 auto-reformat layout and whitespace (no code changes) 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 59d4a14934 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:cefn/Adafruit_Micropython_Blinka 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 69419947ae Reverted to package 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 8d929e8dd9 Moved bytecode .gitignore into root to cleanup src folders 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 4acc1cf14d
Update README.rst 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile b70fd42adf Refactoring Pin, pin etc. 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 181c0f8a5b Tested refactored upload scripts for new layout 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 5f6bb4e415 Renaming and refactoring typos. Experimental logic for board-based Pin naming, falling back on microcontroller-based Pin naming 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 72e45c78d6 Fix copy-paste error 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 659fa8c78a Simpletest not applicable for this repo - integration tests are in test folder 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 404d9f9f66 Source code now in src folder and adafruit_blinka is a package containing multiple platform-specific implementations there. 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 7f28171d98 Moved upload scripts into test directory 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile f8614aec75 Moved unittest module into separate test directory 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 990fb376f6 Introduced submodules for libraries used by test suite 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 6c5b910981 Retired notes directory 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile d1eda01920 .gitignore for python paths 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile a575c4ba60 Packages reverted to modules 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 34afbde5ef Agnostic and wrapper-specific classes now under adafruit_blinka 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 5c2512abe5 Moved testing out of top level python path 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile f4f44cf730 Board packages now under adafruit_blinka 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 9aedff3827 Microcontroller packages now under adafruit_blinka 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 72aa3ef461 Typo in interactive message 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile a8a160c837 Top level package now defines only uart and spi ports. pin submodule handles pins 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile d884bdd356 Defined uart and spi hardware availability for esp8266 and stm32. Moved pin functionality, yet to be tested 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile ef9e1aa6b0 Moved locking behaviour into common superclass. Moved context-managed behaviour into common superclass. Implemented bitbangio.SPI busio.SPI, busio.I2C, busio.UART 11 months ago
  Cefn Hoile 7cc2d685fa board=None if detection doesn't work 11 months ago