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  Brennen Bearnes 76c0e88d8b handle sites with an index file in the root 2 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3a26d662e4 update changelog & do some pre-release tidying 3 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes e863f439e3 bin/wrt-feed: add --json option; handle @local_argv correctly 3 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 64a91eda81 add feed links to wrt-init template and examples 3 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9c22e57cea add rfc_3339_date() and use it for json feed output 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes ad0262b858 json feeds: add home_page_url and (optionally) favicon 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 7d9ff8fcba add JSON Feed support; make Atom feed use caches; decode utf-8 output 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 86bb3f1e63 stub a test for bin/wrt-feed 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 0ec18208d5 wrt-feed: disentangles feed printing from WRT::display() 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes c0b781522d wrt-repl: slightly better comments / POD 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 605ebfcb19 wrt-repl: more useful startup, add Data::Dumper 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 6f2ed77c7d handle(): use POSIX character classes instead of a-z 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3e0be41497 App::WRT: minor code formatting tweaks for line length, etc. 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes cf358d3ca3 $entrypath_expr to $EntryStore::RENDERABLE_EXPR & add methods 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes c6f86a3f58 stub out a wrt-repl for debugging 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 95857e2f38 sort tagged entries with alpha first then reverse chronological 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes a0e04c8712 pull entry sorting into App::WRT::Sort & generalize 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 32103f1656 add a full tagging system to wrt 7 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes db87f1d15f Util: croak on utf-8 warnings 7 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes cf9ccc7361 move elapsed rendering time into bin/wrt-render-all 7 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4713d7abbe cache rendered html; extract titles; all as utf-8 7 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 83a484492b iso_date(): test with a regex instead of specific string 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9d3289b19f testing: get_date(), rendering util, mock file writes 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8086354d2c replace README.pod with README.md; remove Travis link 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 109f8d0fc2 update Changes for v6.2.3 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8cfe9edd43 bin/wrt-display: correctly expand new, fulltext, all 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 748f5a65e5 EntryStore: stash sorted list of all entries as found 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes f246c5baed bin/wrt-help: list more subcommands, ditch $0 cleverness 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes bb32d648c7 EntryStore: Add methods for further slicing entry list 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 292c0ceb62 Add bin/wrt-help and bin/wrt-version 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes be13fadb7c v6.0.0: expand EntryStore, test more, cache harder 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 29a8265ec9 update Changes file for v5.0.0 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 7cef8c3ed3 remove mention of FastCGI from docs 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 80accedb33 add wrt-ls; minor tidying of documentation 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes e8f49fe1e6 .gitignore: add pod2htmd.tmp 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 95dfd5b21c stub wrt-ls 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8f1bf3a170 title extraction: allow header tags with attributes 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 8c36b6f808 docs: mention Text::Markdown::Discount explicitly 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 155e4ff08e replace github mentions with links to code.p1k3.com 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 1351e7c41c add META.json & META.yml to .gitignore 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 76be940f6f bump XML::Atom::SimpleFeed to 0.900; remove wrt-fcgi 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9b7549ba10 EntryStore: by_prop(), props_for(), all_props(); property hashes 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 05cbd1be83 whitespace and punctuation changes far too trivial to merit a commit 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 23bc792c39 concatenation instead of variable interpolation in HTML::tag() 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes db4111a1d6 remove hardcoded "public" from renderer directory path copying 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3c1ca71e4f remove unused feed_url param from wrt-init and example dir 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes a550cd4f84 remove an extraneous JSON->convert_blessed(1) call 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes f9274ba36d WRT::entry(): fix glitch with contents list for binfile_expr matches 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes a08d92ccf7 correctly encode feed output 2 years ago
  Brennen Bearnes 806d4b37d3 optionally cache included files in-memory, use file_get_contents() 2 years ago