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  eunchan 4ab0bede79 Footnotes extension syntax is added 7 years ago
  eunchan ba32faa201 Update syntax/mkd.vim 7 years ago
  Martin Olsen 2696640fa9 allow link escape 8 years ago
  Ben Williams f3f96fd7c1 Add more file types. 8 years ago
  Ben Williams fd15052925 Create subdirs for ftdetect and syntax. Add ftdetect file. 8 years ago
  Ben Williams 3c2de6634d Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/cgraeser/vim-markdown 8 years ago
  Ben Williams ac8bc01256 Merge branch 'multi-line-captions' of git://github.com/bsilverthorn/vim-markdown 8 years ago
  Carsten Gräser d049d36988 Add fold regions for headings and list items 9 years ago
  Bryan Silverthorn e5b17e75a2 Support multi-line captioned images and links. 9 years ago
  Toby Matejovsky 5e03bba545 style inline URLs 9 years ago
  Ben Williams 5693dc9890 Update version number. 10 years ago
  Ben Williams 1bec9ed486 Link improvements from Marc Hartstein. 10 years ago
  Ben Williams b4f391e58f Code block improvements. Line break highlighting from Daniel Hulme. 10 years ago
  Ben Williams fd3418394f Improved code block matching from James Vega. 10 years ago
  Ben Williams 7b9d253b87 Fix bold and italic spans that end with punctuation. 10 years ago
  Ben Williams f3c6f23a6b Import current version 10 years ago