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"Discount" is a C implementation of the Markdown markup language maintained
by David Parsons.
The "Makefile", at least in version 1.3.1, doesn't includes a way to create
a shared library so that I'd like to keep a note how I did it.
0. run configure.sh
1. put '-fPIC' into CC options and make the first line as below:
CC=cc -fPIC -I. -L.
2. add a line to create libmarkdown.so into MKDLIB block
$(AR) crv $(MKDLIB) $(OBJS)
$(CC) -shared -o libmarkdown.so $(OBJS)
Mac OS X
0. run configure.sh
1. add a line to create libmarkdown.dynlib into MKDLIB block
$(AR) crv $(MKDLIB) $(OBJS)
$(CC) -dynaliclib -o libmarkdown.dynlib $(OBJS)
Using libtools might be a good solution, but I'm not sure how to do it for now.