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This repository is most of, a blog. It’s occasionally mirrored on GitHub, but up-to-date copies may be found at or on

archives/ contains the actual entries. Layout is generally something like:


2009 is a year, 1 is the month of January, and everything below that level is a day. Some days are simple blobs of markup, others are directories which may contain an index file with the main text of entry, binaries like images, and one or more sub-entries.

bin/ contains various utility scripts for manipulating the contents of /archives. (For example, a script to generate the linkdump from a couple of RSS feeds.) They are generally invoked from the Makefile.

templates/ contains template files.

public/ is mostly a target for rendering public files in.

files/ contains large static files, stored with git-annex. (These will not be available unless they’ve been copied to the current clone of the repository.)

includes/ is for things that are reused in entries or templates with the <include> tag.

topics/ contains vimwiki pages which are used to describe various topics covered in the entries; these are combined with an automatically rendered list of tagged entries.

See for the tools I use to render the entries here.


You can read these files without any special tools, but rendering or publishing the full site requires a few things. As a baseline, it expects a GNU/Linux system; Debian or a derivative will probably work best. There’s a Makefile with a bunch of little commands, and the bin/ directory contains utilities for generating different kinds of files.

It also uses some other projects.


wrt is a mostly-Perl static site generator, formerly known as This is the main thing, since it builds almost the entire site.


gallery-html is a small python script for making HTML image galleries and thumbnails.


I’m experimenting with using git-annex to store large files like photos in only some copies of the repository.