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+<p><a href="">Python-uinput | tuomasjjrasanen</a> &mdash; &laquo;Python-uinput is Python interface to Linux uinput kernel module which allows attaching userspace device drivers into kernel. In practice, Python-uinput makes it dead simple to create virtual joysticks, keyboards and mice for generating arbitrary input events programmatically.&raquo;</p>
+<p><a href="">List of unusual units of measurement - Wikipedia</a></p>
+<p><a href="">Why is the DOS path character &quot;&quot;? &ndash; Larry Osterman&#39;s WebLog</a> &mdash; &laquo;Here&#39;s a little known secret about MS-DOS.  The DOS developers weren&#39;t particularly happy about this state of affairs - heck, they all used Xenix machines for email and stuff, so they were familiar with the *nix command semantics.  So they coded the OS to accept either &quot;/&quot; or &quot;\&quot; character as the path character (this continues today, btw - try typing &quot;notepad c:/boot.ini&quot;  on an XP machine (if you&#39;re an admin)).  And they went one step further.  They added an undocumented system call to change the switch character.  And updated the utilities to respect this flag.&raquo;</p>
+<p><a href="">John A. Bachman &ndash; Building a Python 2/3 compatible Unicode Sandwich</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">96Boards- 32- and 64-bit ARM Boards - Develop &amp; Prototype ARM - 96Boards</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">GPIO Pinout &ndash; Rasp Pi 1 Rev1 and Rev2 &raquo; Raspberry Pi Geek</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">Feathered Dinosaur Venn Diagram</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">Xmbindings.png (PNG Image, 1280&nbsp;&times;&nbsp;800 pixels)</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">1. Basics - BeagleBone Cookbook [Book]</a></p>
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 <p><a href="">fhunleth/boardid: Print out a platform-specific board serial number</a></p>
-<p><a href="">jbdatko/eeprom_tutorial: EEPROM Tutorial</a></p>
-<p><a href="">Pen Shapes: A Proposed Glossary</a></p>
-<p><a href="">OSD3358-SM-RED - Reference, Evaluation, Development Board</a></p>
-<p><a href="">beagleboard/image-builder: Image builder</a> &mdash; README here has an eeprom database.</p>