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Do_not_do 627B

  1. == 63. Difficulty ==
  2. Practice no-action;
  3. Attend to do-nothing;
  4. Taste the flavorless,
  5. Magnify the small,
  6. Multiply the few,
  7. Return love for hate.
  8. Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy;
  9. Deal with the great while it is yet small;
  10. The difficult develops naturally from the easy,
  11. And the great from the small;
  12. So the sage, by dealing with the small,
  13. Achieves the great.
  14. Who finds it easy to promise finds it hard to be trusted;
  15. Who takes things lightly finds things difficult;
  16. The sage recognizes difficulty, and so has none.
  17. -- Original text from the [[Tao Te Ching interpolation]]