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  1. Some offhand thoughts:
  2. * Don't take the intro library course under any circumstances. It's useless and before you graduate, they will probably get rid of it. If someone tries to sign you up for it, lie and say you'll do it next semester or something.
  3. Specific to History:
  4. * Don't take (for various sound reasons): Dorsey, Ambrosius, Kleimola, Turner if it's a really big class (I think he's actually classics or religious studies; some things are crosslisted and likely to interest you).
  5. * Don't avoid: Ken Winkle, Carol Levin(e?), Steinweis, Jessica Coope, Parks Coble, Witte, Turner if it's a small class.
  6. * Of these, I think you'd especially dig Levin and Coope.
  7. Classics: Leinieks is, um, a bit dry. The experience was worthwhile anyway. Gorman (either one, from what I hear) would be good for you.
  8. Film classes: Are fun, and a good excuse to watch lots of free movies at the Ross. (If you don't take a film class, find a schedule and watch the movies anyway. It'll save you entertainment money.) Also, they probably take care of an English requirement.
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  11. ::Thank you most kindly. I'll do my best...