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  1. WareLogging. PortableDocumentFormat. UnrequiredPoetry.
  2. = part 9, 2/20/07 =
  3. Flyering.
  4. = part 8, 8/11/06 =
  5. <[[Brennen]]> Finished it for real this time; got a proof copy and discovered a dozen minor things to fix.
  6. = part 7, 7/30/06 =
  7. <[[Brennen]]> Finally got around to doing the last little bit of work; it's now [http://www.lulu.com/content/378672 up on Lulu.com]. I'm still really not sure about the title, to be honest. It sucks, but I can't decide what else to use.
  8. * Did a quick front cover in TheGimp, cleaned things up a bit, threw in a pseudo-copyright notice.
  9. * Should probably write a real makefile.
  10. * Should probably add more real info to the front page and a description for the back cover.
  11. * Eventually might spring for an ISBN for this.
  12. * Next time I'm using real version control.
  13. Current source is at [http://p1k3.com/chapbook /chapbook].
  14. = part 6, 4/26/06 =
  15. <[[Brennen]]> New monitor this week. Ugly but large and relatively functional.
  16. Moved from buildbook.sh to a BasicMakefile. Moved images into their own directory, and added a \graphicspath declaration:
  17. \usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx}
  18. \graphicspath{{/home/bbearnes/chapbook/images/}}
  19. This was difficult to find on Google, though I knew I'd seen it somewhere, so here is a page for the search that seemed most obvious: PdflatexGraphicxImageDirectory.
  20. Some additional tweaks.
  21. Also this week got a copy of ''LearnCalligraphy'', by MargaretShepherd. May or may not incorporate some calligraphic elements into design.
  22. = part 5 =
  23. <[[Brennen]]> My monitor flickers a lot and has stopped, mostly, displaying the color red. Also, I have a full-time job this week. Book progress has slowed accordingly, but all that's really left to do is tweak the visuals and have it printed.
  24. = part 4 =
  25. <[[Brennen]]> Switching to pdflatex in order to include PNG & JPEG files without doing a lot of conversion.
  26. Except that this looks kind of lousy.
  27. Actually it looks kind of lousy because I'm using low-res images. I think. Went back to source photos and cranked DPI way up in TheGimp; results are much improved.
  28. = part 3 =
  29. <[[Brennen]]> Some general thoughts:
  30. * LaTeX's basic verse environment leaves some things to be desired.
  31. * It would be better to generate from some more generalized / flexible format.
  32. * The "parsing" routine I use is fine for taking a block of markup and replacing the markers that bookend it along with a few special characters in the block (line endings, etc.), but for something really structured, this would get dumb in a hurry.
  33. = part 2 =
  34. <[[Brennen]]> Getting display.pl to do most of the tedious stuff (linebreaks, setting off poems in blocks) was easy, since it already handles that stuff for poetry. Slightly trickier were things like character entities and indented lines. The table of contents also required some fiddling.
  35. The current source files are a blend of quasi-HTML and some explicit LaTeX markup:
  36. * <freeverse> blocks become \begin{verse} ... \end{verse} blocks.
  37. * Quotes - generally represented by character entities in my original source - are now specified explicitly with ``, '', `, or '. A better solution for at least the standard doublequotes would be translating a <q> tag.
  38. * I replaced all & entities with \&
  39. * Dollar signs are likewise escaped: \$
  40. * Dashes are explicitly specified with -- (en dash) or (three hyphens) (em dash)
  41. * Added a <page> </page> tag to manually specify pagination. This doesn't map precisely to real pages, but it's close enough.
  42. * Added an <attrib> tag to specify authors on poems in the mixed input section.
  43. * I'm currently using stuff like \hspace{3em} and \vspace{1em} for indentation and some spacing between poems. This could be automated maybe, but it produces nice output.
  44. Everything is sandwiched between files called header.tex and footer.tex:
  45. \documentclass{book}
  46. \usepackage{geometry}
  47. % dvips was necessary to get a properly sized PDF in the end
  48. \geometry{verbose,dvips,paperwidth=6in,paperheight=9in,tmargin=.5in,bmargin=.5in}
  49. \parindent=0in
  50. \author{(bpb, caeb, eb, ag)}
  51. \title{unrequired poetry}
  52. \date{march 2006}
  53. \begin{document}
  54. \maketitle
  55. \tableofcontents
  56. ''(bulk of document here)''
  57. \end{document}
  58. My "build" process is to run a script called buildbook.sh:
  59. #!/bin/bash
  60. ./displaytex.pl source_caeb source_collab source_bpb > ./test/test.tex
  61. cd test
  62. latex test.tex && latex test.tex
  63. dvipdf test.dvi
  64. gpdf test.pdf
  65. Which runs latex twice to make sure table of contents entries are included (it uses the previous iteration's toc info) and pulls up a PDF viewer so I can see the results.
  66. = part 1 =
  67. <[[Brennen]]> A rough description as I go, just so I remember how I went about things. Options for getting the thing printed are under SelfPublishing. General info about typography, printing, design, etc. goes under BookMaking.
  68. I did a little grepping through [http://p1k3.com/archives /archives] to pull up a near-complete list of poems I've posted here (shld automate this sort of thing), then handed it off to CarolAnn. She gave me back a paper list of possibles, which I converted to a textfile:
  69. :2003/1/28 2003/1/28/turtle 2003/2/4/fiction 2003/4/15 2003/1/6 2003/7/5 2003/10/9 2003/10/16 2003/10/22 2003/12/25 2004/1/5 2004/1/12 2004/1/20 2004/1/19 2004/1/29 2004/2/2 2004/2/10 2004/2/15 2004/2/16 2004/3/23 2004/4/19 2004/6/23 2004/6/27 2004/7/4 2004/7/6 2004/9/3 2004/9/8 2004/7/12 2004/9/21 2004/9/25 2004/10/24 2004/11/9 2004/11/22 2004/12/7 2004/12/12 2004/12/17 2005/7/6 2005/8/8 2005/10/14 2005/10/22 2005/12/2 2005/12/14 2006/1/17 2006/2/1
  70. I commented out half a dozen lines in display.pl: the call to line_parse(), the datestamp, and header/footer files. Then did this:
  71. ./displayraw.pl `cat ./chapbook_list` > chapbook_source
  72. This was the easiest thing because some dates are stored like 2010/12/1 and some like 2010/12/2/index, and display.pl knows the difference.
  73. Here is the [http://p1k3.com/chapbook_source chapbook_source] file that resulted. I'm going to pare the selection down, do some cleanup, and then modify line_parse() in display.pl to give me (La?)TeX instead of HTML.