The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
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<title>Help Ensure B5's Renewal</title>
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<b>See Also:</b>
<a href="/lurk/ftp/b5tvaddresses.txt">Station address list</a>
<h1>Help ensure B5's renewal!</h1>
The following is from J. Michael Straczynski, executive producer of
<cite>Babylon 5</cite>:
February is a critical month for B5 in terms of pickups by the local
stations. PTEN is slowly moving into ordinary syndication structure, and
it's all decided now station-by-station. This week (22-24th) all of the
local TV stations have reps at NATPE, which is the national gathering of
producers and television distributors, at which time, and over the next few
weeks, decisions are made on what shows are picked up by stations. So
this would be a good time for anyone who's a constant viewer of the show,
who wants to see it continue, to drop a line or make a call to their local
station urging them to continue carrying the show. If your market doesn't
have it, now is a good time to suggest that someone in your area pick it
up. Even a few phone calls or letters per station can make a big
difference. Don't assume you have no power in this; you do.
(anybody wants to repost this to other nets is free to do so)
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