Code for a Linux + Arduino CPU load monitor
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Hacked this together for a demo at the Boulder Linux Users Group. Had
some help from Chris Rojas, Nate Seidle, Ryan Owens, Dave Stillman,
and Google.

This is the first thing I've built with an Arduino besides blinking a single
LED. It is stupid-simple and does not have very many good reasons to exist.

Bill of materials:

Arduino Duemilanove
Servo motor of some sort
SparkFun medium-sized shipping box (red)
1 blinky yellow LED
Random wires
Red electrical tape
Chunk of manila folder
Orange masking tape
Tiny ziptie
USB cable

loaduino.pde needs to be compiled and loaded to the Arduino.
will run and spit some debugging info if invoked with no options. You may
also specify --daemon to run it as a background process.

All of this is likely to be a bit flaky.