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Renaming blacklist.txt to sourcelist.txt

For the love of all that is holy. GamerGate is completely incapable of any kind of critical thought, and it appears I've got to hold their hands and wipe their asses. For fuck's sake.

This is not creating a "blacklist" to keep people out of the industry, you unemployed neckbeard (if you could grow a beard) cockwaffles. It is creating a "blocklist" so normal people don't have to listen to your incoherent looneybin conspiracy theories peppered by whatever's on your political word-of-the-day calendar.

It's hilarious that you're pretending to be anime characters on IRC/reddit/8chan while somehow loathing women that kick ass and have anime hair irl. I really don't know how you consolidate that one in the barren pit of a wasteland you call a brain, but I'm sure Mr. TotalBallsack can help you with it. I hear he's got an IQ of 155. He's all class and ready to lead you lemmings off a cliff. More power to him. You are the army that no one wants but he deserves.

You can't sue anyone from a list that's generated off Twitter's API. I wish you could. I really hope you try, because it would make my *year* if I got served for the case "'HotDog Gamer Goblin' v Randi Harper". Please. I am begging you. No? Bueller? Anyone?

Literally go fuck yourselves.

 - LiterallyBlue.
Randi Harper 4 years ago
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