34 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Brennen Bearnes 5f2a3f8da3 vimwiki: add a 3rd wiki to barebones testing vimrc 2 weeks ago
  Brennen Bearnes 0bb6e2289d vimwiki: document a couple of defaults 2 weeks ago
  Brennen Bearnes 35d83c7807 vim: colorscheme back to iceberg 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 41d8839460 vim: vimwiki: highlight (gray out) checked todo items 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 5b4dac562d vimwiki: valid html tags: add span 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes dbf01ceb8c vim: comment out xdebug stuffs 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 15ff369702 vim: syntastic: disable pylint, add a section for syntax checking 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes db144ca67d vim: startify: add some bookmarks, override default quote set 4 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 36f3b82932 vim: stuff for migrating various files to ~/workspace 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 19929b1acc vim: ,. makelink offers multiselect now 5 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4560426038 vim: preview fragments, split window for fzf stuff 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 7377bee133 vimwiki: preview tags in fzf finder using notes-tag-summary 6 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 9544c6dd2f vimrc: startify: don't change to dir, but do change to vcs root 7 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes ea27567c29 vimwiki: open file: links in vim itself 8 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 0e67e3de4d vim: remove extraneous syntax check, tweak fragment sink 9 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes a3bcd7f0ed vimwiki: open file: links in vim itself 9 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 5c208729d1 vimwiki logs: use hashed paths in _logscratch/ 9 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes a5cc378534 vim: add Vdebug, config 10 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 07aa93ec09 add a stub vimrc_justvimwiki for testing vimwiki 10 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 40dae3f084 vim: Use all tags with VimwikiMakeLink 11 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 0b21c6c65b vim: map ,w/ to GGrep 11 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 6f2c589b14 vim: fzf: add GGrep command 11 months ago
  Brennen Bearnes 111edd5fc7 vim, notes: shellescape paths when finding logs / links 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 237365f47c .vimrc: `%% nowrap` for vimwiki pages 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 6db24bfc10 vimrc: source links from vimwiki-index; dict from tag index 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes f35e199e37 vim: add goyo.vim (distraction-free mode) 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 4f83676267 vim / notes-links-for: use location window for links 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3258d34f5c vimrc: add ,v shorthand for visual select of inner Word 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 77903b70d5 vimrc: increase timeoutlen 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes bbe746176f vimrc: correct vundle repo path in instructions 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 3fc489005a vimrc: correct syntastic repo path 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes b4fb1bc9a7 vimrc: update F7 for new path 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes 0d5dcbb0fe home/.vimrc -> home/.vim/vimrc 1 year ago
  Brennen Bearnes efc43f0ee8 turn gvim toolbar back on, add some buttons 2 years ago