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**If you're reading this on GitHub, it may be out of date. The canonical copy
of this repository [lives on][bpb-kit].**
**The canonical copy of this repository [lives on][bpb-kit].**
This repo is for dotfiles, utility scripts, and other things in my personal
setup. Ideally, it includes most of the bits and pieces that make a personal
machine usable for me. It may occasionally serve as a testbed for things that
will eventually become standalone projects.
will eventually become standalone projects, or get cycled into stuff I do for a
I generally use Debian and Debian-like GNU/Linux systems (including Ubuntu),
with the [xmonad][xmonad] tiling window manager rather than a full desktop
@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ be relevant.
As of October 2020, this collection is actively maintained, although it
As of March 2021, this collection is actively maintained, although it
doesn't meet the standards of quality, consistency, or documentation you might
want from a real software project.
@ -59,12 +59,16 @@ ensure that said code is clearly marked.
I have thiefed ideas and bits of configuration from the following projects and
I have thiefed ideas and fragments of configuration from, at least, the
following projects:
- [Advanced Bash Scripting Guide][bash-guide], Mendel Cooper
- [Learn Vimscript the Hard Way][vimscript], Steve Losh
- [ArchWiki][archwiki]
And people:
- [Alan][alan]
- [Ben][ben]
- [Casey][casey]
@ -72,13 +76,26 @@ people:
- [Dave][dave]
- [Jacky][jacky-alcine]
- [Leah][leah]
- [Lars][lars]
- [Rob][rob]
- [Todd][todd]
- [Tyler][tyler]
- [Victoria][victoria-drake]
### a note about languages and such
Apart from shell, I tend to reach for Perl for smalltime local utilities. It's
a language I've been comfortable in for 20 years, it offers a decent stdlib and
a ton of good libraries by way of CPAN, and it's installed pretty much
everywhere. It's also extremely honed for string manipulation, which in
practice is the technique that glues most of my nonsense together.
You might also find examples of Python, PHP, Ruby, awk, JavaScript, HTML/CSS,
### shell stuff
At this writing I use ZSH on personal systems and Bash when writing tutorials,
@ -106,6 +123,9 @@ Scripts here fall into a handful of categories:
Many of these are unlikely to be portable, useful, or documented.
TODO: Migrate these descriptions to the scripts themselves so they can be
automatically extracted.
- `cheat`: a place to hang a personal cheatsheet of sorts
- `chrome-incognito`: run Google Chrome in incognito mode
- `dmenu_unique`: run dmenu with big fonts and vertical, only showing each entry once
@ -227,12 +247,14 @@ See instructions in [ns-control](ns-control).