PHP Universal Feed Generator
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This package can be used to generate feeds in either RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 or ATOM


There are three main classes that abstract the feed information and another to
encapsulate the feed items information.

Applications can create feed writer object, several feed item objects, set
several types of properties of either feeds and feed items, and add items to
the feed.

Once a feed is fully composed with its items, the feed writer class can generate
the necessary XML structure to describe the feed in the RSS or ATOM formats.
The feed is generated as part of the current feed output.


PHP >= 5.3

If you don't have 5.3 available on your system, there's a version supporting
PHP >= 5.0 in the "legacy-php-5.0" branch.


The documentation can be found in the "gh-pages" branch or on GitHub Pages:

(in chronological order)

Anis uddin Ahmad
Michael Bemmerl
Phil Freo
Paul Ferrett
Brennen Bearnes
Michael Robinson
Baptiste Fontaine
Kristián Valentín
Brandtley McMinn
Julian Bogdani