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"""Allows useful indirection to test Pin naming logic by switching platform in testing
or provide bootstrapping logic for board identification where auto-detection is not
feasible (e.g. multiple ESP8266 boards architecturally identical). Once runtime
environment is established, can choose various routes to make available and re-export
common modules and operations, depending on platform support
import gc
import sys
microcontroller = sys.platform
microcontroller = None
board = None
if microcontroller is not None:
if microcontroller == "esp8266": # TODO more conservative board-guessing
board = "feather_huzzah"
elif microcontroller == "samd21":
board = "feather_m0_express"
elif microcontroller == "pyboard":
microcontroller = "stm32"
board = "pyboard"
implementation =
if implementation == "micropython":
from utime import sleep
elif implementation == "circuitpython":
from time import sleep