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"""Module providing runtime utility objects to support the Micro/CircuitPython api"""
class Enum(object):
Object supporting CircuitPython-style of static symbols
as seen with Direction.OUTPUT, Pull.UP
def __repr__(self):
Assumes instance will be found as attribute of own class.
Returns dot-subscripted path to instance
(assuming absolute import of containing package)
cls = type(self)
for key in dir(cls):
if getattr(cls, key) is self:
return "{}.{}.{}".format(cls.__module__, cls.__qualname__, key)
return repr(self)
def iteritems(cls):
Inspects attributes of the class for instances of the class
and returns as key,value pairs mirroring dict#iteritems
for key in dir(cls):
val = getattr(cls, key)
if type(val) is cls:
yield (key, val)
class ContextManaged:
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback):
def Lockable(ContextManaged):
_locked = False
def try_lock(self):
if self._locked:
return False
return True
def unlock(self):
if self._locked:
self._locked = False
raise ValueError("Not locked")